The theatrical play, SCORN, to be produced before filming.


Asylum looking to mount disturbing play about marital infidelity.

Asylum Entertainment is currently searching for a venue to stage Tom Madden's psychological thriller, Scorn, prior to filming later this year. The play, which was adapted into a screenplay, is in development at Asylum and currently competing at several screenplay festivals. Asylum believes staging the play prior to the shoot would provide a unique and extremely beneficial opportunity to not only workshop the script but provide the talent with almost 6 weeks of solid rehearsal before going before the cameras. This kind of pre-production is unheard of for most films. Asylum is currently talking to various actresses who will fill the two pivotal lead roles of the wife and mistress trapped by a blizzard in a remote chalet as they viciously attack each other in a murderous evening of cat and mouse.
Any venues in the Western Pennsylvania interested in possibly mounting the premier of Scorn can contact Tom Madden via this website.