The following two screenplays are currently in circulation within the industry. The screenplay, "SCORN" is in development at Asylum Entertainment while competing at the 2022 PAGE INTERNATIONAL and the 2022 AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL.  The play is competing at the Austin Play Festival and will be produced depending on the outcome of the festival.  Plays must be unproduced to compete.  Any and all inquiries concerning the screenplays can be made directly to Tom Madden at or through this website. 

The Damned

Feature Length (93 pages)

Horror / Psychological Thriller

Low Budget





terrifying journey into the mind of a young woman who is haunted by ghastly images and memories of a sexually abusive childhood. 

Black List Coverage (CONSIDER)

THE DAMNED is an unsettling horror script. It’s taut, atmospheric, creepy, and at times, viscerally unsettling. The writer does a tremendous job of creating an impending sense of doom that hangs over the entire narrative. Its mood is dark and forbidding and just keeps building. Where the story also succeeds is with tone. Its portrayal of the grim decay of Eve's hometown and the desperation she has as her mental condition deteriorates leaves a powerful impression. It feels as if the setting is another star of the story in some ways, bending everyone in it to fit to its depraved vision of itself. This kind of ghost tale doesn't demand gore; it works on atmosphere and story to great effect. Overall, the writer has succeeded at crafting a deeply unsettling story. This is the kind of horror movie that pulls from relatable human emotions like grief and resentment to ultimately become an absolute nightmare. It's pure emotional terrorism, gripping you with real horror based on Eve's traumatic past, the unspeakable kind, and then imbuing the supernatural stuff with those feelings.


Feature Length (91 pages)


Extremely Low Budget

Based on the play "Scorn"

Quarterfinalist - 2022 Final Draft Big Break Screenplay Contest

Competing - 2022 Page International Screenplay Contest

                       2022 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Contest

                       2022 Austin Film Festival PLAY Contest

A romantic getaway to a secluded mountain chalet quickly turns into a terrifying game of cat and mouse when the young mistress is greeted by the wife of her lover.  The women have a deadly confrontation as a winter blizzard traps them from any escape.

Black List Coverage (CONSIDER)

First off, a huge congratulations on the draft of Scorn. Not only is it a highly impressive script, the simplicity of it is what make it even more enjoyable.


That being said, it's predominately market strengths for the script as it's extremely filmable for several reasons and could easily entice an audience should it hit the big screen.


First and foremost, it could be done on a shoestring budget which could easily entice producers and financiers. The remote location, minimal shot transitions and simplicity in the action(lack of visual effects and special effects) could have this filmed on a micro-budget but look properly produced.

Another highlight is the minimal characters and two female leads that could easily entice actors for the roles along with production companies finding interest due to the diversity displayed in the film.


Its wonderful dialog, claustrophobic setting and nail-bitting suspense make the script a real winner.